20 years ago: Profile with VNV NATION

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(The following interview was first published in the Orkus! issue September 2003)

20 years ago we asked Ronan Harris of VNV Nation very personal questions of our “profile”. In part one, read about Ronan’s personal strengths and weaknesses, the most significant things in life, and what makes him really angry.

Which characteristic or character trait do you like best about yourself, and which do you like least?
I like my curiosity and also my sense of humor. I like to learn new things, and I like things that make me laugh. What I don’t like about myself? You can’t pay me that much to give that away!

What are the three most significant things in your life?
1. love and passion.
2. to spend a good time with friends.
3. to see that people enjoy what I do and to feel that I have made someone happy with my music – even if it is only for a few moments.
4. coffee or alcohol (depending on the time of day).
Change that to “four most significant things!”

What really makes you angry?
Right now, these are people who don’t have the slightest idea why the Iraq war happened, but take an absolutely rigid stand on an issue they know nothing about. Just like people who think that demonstrating and rioting are the same thing and, moreover, a good idea (idiots!). That being said, rude and selfish people make me angry, hypocrites; people who are uncaring, uncompassionate, and unable to understand other points of view, but get mad when others act the same way. People who go to clubs to sit in the corner all night and act like they’re about to die.

In a week’s time, you can read more in part two about what makes Ronan Harris laugh and cry, and what he does first thing when he gets up in the morning. What this has to do with a Polaroid photo, you will then also learn.

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