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Gerrit Thomas(Eisfabrik, Funker Vogt, Fusspils 11, Ravenous) gives us a look into his record collection:

What was the first album you bought yourself?

Depeche Mode – “Some Great Reward”

How many albums on CD and LP do you own?

Hm, about 1,000.

Which album have you probably listened to the most in your life?

Depeche Mode – “Some Great Reward”

Which album did you buy last?

Priest – “Cyberhead”

Which album has a particularly good cover image?

Imagine Dragons – “Night Visions”

Which album would you have liked to be on?

Not on any that I haven’t had a hand in.

Which album in your collection are you a little embarrassed about?


Which album from the seventies impresses you the most?

Kraftwerk – “The Man-Machine”

Which album from the eighties left a lasting impression on you?

Front 242 – “Official Version”

Which album from the nineties is particularly important to you?

Front Line Assembly – “Caustic Grip”

Which album did you press “Repeat” on last?

Röyksopp – “The Inevitable End”

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