DEPECHE MODE: 40 years ago – “Construction Time Again” (Part 2)

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Construction Time Again Depeche Mode

“… that with ‘Construction Time Again’ we formed a new band, so to speak.” (Alan Wilder)

In the first part, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of “Construction Time Again”, we talked about the recording circumstances and the equipment. Now we continue with the album cover and title. And what’s the deal with the videos?

Album cover:
Like the two previous albums, the cover for “Construction Time Again” was designed by Brian Griffin. The photograph was taken in Switzerland. The blacksmith is a former US Marine.

Album title:
Alan Wilder said in the documentary for the re-release of “Construction Time Again”: “Even the title (…) summed up very well what was happening in the band at the time and after ‘A Broken Frame’, in relation to Vince’s departure. I think that with ‘Construction Time Again’ we formed a new band again, so to speak. It also reflects that optimistic feeling we had at the time.”

1. “Get the Balance Right!
The clip was directed by Kevin Hewitt (“New Order Story”, 1993).
Depeche Mode watch children at play as scientists. They also perform as showmen, riding a carousel and bumper cars. The song is not included on the CD. Dave Gahan recalled in the documentary on “Construction Time Again” that they had difficulties recording: “We tried all sorts of different things and experimented. We always complained to Daniel (Miller – editor’s note) that our recordings didn’t sound as loud on the radio as the others’ songs.”

2. “Everything Counts”
Clive Richardson directed the video clip. The film was shot in West Berlin, so you can see the Berlin Wall as well as some impressions of the city.

3. “Love, in Itself” (19.09.1983)
As with the previous single, the music video was directed by Clive Richardson. The quartet wanders through a stalactite cave and occasionally plays fanfare.

In the next and final part, we take a closer look at the individual songs.

Fancy Depeche Mode live? Here are the dates:
10.02.2024 Copenhagen, Royal Arena, Denmark
13.02.2024 Berlin, Mercedes-Benz Arena, Germany
15.02.2024 Berlin, Mercedes-Benz Arena, Germany
17.02.2024 Hamburg, Barclays Arena, Germany
22.02.2024 Prague, O2 Arena, Czech Republic
24.02.2024 Prague, O2 Arena, Czech Republic
27.02.2024 Lodz, Atlas Arena, Poland
29.02.2024 Lodz, Atlas Arena, Poland
03.03.2024 Paris, Accor-Arena, France
05.03.2024 Paris, Accor-Arena, France
07.03.2024 Munich, Olympiahalle, Germany
12.03.2024 Madrid, WiZink Center, Spain
14.03.2024 Madrid, WiZink-Center Spain
16.03.2024 Barcelona, Palau Sant Jordi, Spain
19.03.2024 Lisbon, Altice Arena, Portugal
21.03.2024 Bilbao, BEC Exhibition Center, Spain
23.03.2024 Turin, Pala Alpitour, Italy
26.03.2024 Budapest, MVM Dome, Hungary
28.03.2024 Milan, Mediolanum Forum, Italy
30.03.2024 Milan, Mediolanum Forum, Italy
03.04.2024 Cologne, Lanxess Arena, Germany
05.04.2024 Cologne, Lanxess Arena, Germany

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